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PGX DAILY from webber naturals is a breakthrough in dietary fibre that makes it easy to maintain normal blood sugar levels and a healthy weight. When you take PGX with or before a meal, it creates a feeling of fullness for several hours, helping you eat less without feeling hungry.

  • Supports healthy weight loss when used properly as part of The PGX Programâ„?/li>
  • Promotes a feeling of fullness so you eat less
  • Reduces between-meal food cravings
  • Promotes healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels 
  • Reduces the glycemic index of meals
  • Available in convenient, fast-acting softgels or single-serve packets
  • Safe and stimulant-free


    Controlling body weight can be frustrating and difficult. But a recent breakthrough in dietary fibre safely and effectively supports healthy weight management.

    PGX® (PolyGlycopleX®) is a proprietary complex of soluble dietary polysaccharide (that synergistically absorbs hundreds of times its weight in water, creating volume and viscosity 3â€? times greater than any single soluble fibre. PGX expands in the digestive tract, creating a feeling of fullness so you can decrease food intake without experiencing hunger or between-meal cravings.

    Clinical research shows PGX effectively lowers the glycemic index of foods, reduces insulin resistance, and balances blood sugar levels. It also reduces the level of LDL (“badâ€? cholesterol. PGX is completely safe and stimulant-free. PGX Daily from webber naturals is an advanced new formula that suspends the PGX in a matrix of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) derived from purified coconut oil. This matrix disperses the PGX inside the digestive tract to make it even more effective for promoting healthy blood sugar levels and supporting weight management.

    Medicinal Ingredients

    Each softgel contains:
    PGX (PolyGlycopleX®) 750 mg
    Highly purified water soluble polysaccharide complex manufactured using the proprietary EnviroSimplex® process: Konjac-mannan (Amorphophallus kojac) (root), xanthan gum, sodium alginate. 
    Medium chain triglycerides [(Elaeis guineensis (seed)), (Cocos nucifera (fruit flesh))] 600 mg

    Non-Medicinal Ingredients

    Softgel (gelatin, glycerin, purified water, carob, annatto, titanium dioxide), yellow beeswax, non-GMO sunflower lecithin.